Heritage-Led Regeneration with Commerce

BallySmart7 Dublin 2025

Join us for a transformative four-day summit in Dublin, focusing on revitalizing communities through heritage and innovation.

Summit Overview

Your community can become a better place to live, work and visit!

BallySmart7 Summit Dublin 2025 powered by WowYou Concepts and Rekindle Talent is inviting you to Ireland from:

11th – 15th March 2025

Let us meet in Ireland where five Irish towns – Carlingford, Westport, Tramore, Fethard and Youghal – got transformed via heritage-led regeneration.

Communities have worked to ensure that their town remains vibrant and true to its origin and identity. This is heritage-led town regeneration, where heritage is a resource to promote and create interesting places.

BallySmart7 Dublin 2025 is a groundbreaking four-day international summit focused on heritage-led town regeneration and smart community development. Bringing together traditional authorities (custodians of heritage) and communal commerce teams, the summit aims to foster international collaboration, skills transfer, and the integration of innovative strategies for building smart communities.

Sitting down with the major actors, agencies, and communities, and experiencing knowledge sharing, plus technical know-how transfer on heritage-led regeneration is worth investing your time and resources in.

There is so much value in attending because of all the potential gains to be made. It is indeed an avenue for custodian of culture, heritage agencies, and companies to form partnerships, collaborations with competent and reliable heritage-led regeneration operators post summit.

Who Should Attend?

  • Traditional Authorities: Custodians of heritage, including monarchs, local leaders and community elders.
  • Local Authorities: Representatives from municipal governments and regional planning bodies.
  • Commerce Teams: Members of local chambers of commerce and business associations.
  • Heritage Professionals: Architects, engineers, urban planners, and conservationists.
  • Community Groups: Non-profit organizations, volunteer groups, and cultural associations.
  • Policy Makers: Government officials and policymakers involved in urban development and heritage conservation.
  • Entrepreneurs: Business leaders and entrepreneurs interested in community development and sustainable practices.
  • Academics and Researchers: Scholars and students specializing in heritage conservation, urban planning, and smart community technologies.

Summit Highlights

Let us meet in Ireland where five Irish towns – Carlingford, Westport, Tramore, Fethard and Youghal- got transformed via heritage-led regeneration.

International Collaboration

Engage with global leaders to share strategies for heritage and community development.

Skills and Knowledge Transfer

Learn from experts in various fields including architecture, engineering, and urban planning.

Heritage Conservation

Explore the role of heritage in community regeneration and sustainable development.

Smart Community Development

Discuss strategies to create economically vibrant and participatory communities.

Why BallySmart7?

The Power of Heritage

Heritage is a powerful resource that can unify and differentiate communities. By leveraging heritage assets, towns can boost their socio-economic well-being and pave the way for Smart Cities. The Smart Community approach involves long-term social, economic, and environmental activities that engage local governance, promote entrepreneurship, and preserve the rural environment.

The goals and objectives of BallySmart7 Dublin 2025 are to identify local leaders, promote inclusivity, share impactful practices, access professional advice, explore funding sources, develop new communities, enhance collaboration, ensure diversity, and drive economic development. This summit aims to bring together traditional authorities, heritage custodians, and communal commerce teams to foster international collaboration, skills transfer, and smart community development.

Summit Programme

The four-day programme of BallySmart7 Dublin 2025 is designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of heritage-led regeneration and smart community development.

Day 1

Inauguration and Keynote Addresses

Day 2

Collaborative Workshops and Knowledge Sharing

Day 3

Professional Consultations and Networking

Day 4

Future Planning and Closing Ceremony

Participation Costs

Registration Closing Date: 31st October 2024

Visa Information

It is very important that countries requiring visas to enter Ireland should apply at an Irish Embassy in your location. Please visit the Irish embassy website for visa application requirement for conference/events. It is very important to apply on time to avoid delays or refusal.

For Visa Information, please visit the link below:

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